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Holistic Angel Massage and Healing Therapist for Kirkby Lonsdale,  Blackpool and the surrounding areas.
Fully qualified and insured FHT registered therapist with therapy rooms in Kirkby Lonsdale, and St Annes near Blackpool.

Offering Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Holistic Facials and Hot Stones Massage.

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Holistic therapy is a form of healing that considers the whole person: body, mind, spirit, and emotions. The treatments I offer can help with a wide range of stresses, pains and ailments, both physical and  emotional, caused by every day life. I use only the best products, all organic and free from animal testing,  and each one will be chosen with you in mind.
Before each treatment you will have a short consultation to decide what is best for you as I strive to make each therapy as individual as the person receiving it. This way you will get the best out of it, leaving you feeling, at the very least, relaxed and uplifted.  If there is anything you would like to know more about please contact me using the details at the bottom of the page.


Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy using the application of essential oils which are organic compounds derived from a plant source.

During a consultation before your treatment they will be carefully selected to suit your needs to help improve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Essential oils are blended then mixed with a base oil and then used with massage techniques, so you get the benefits from the oils and the massage.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including, muscles, connective tissues and tendons to help alleviate the discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many chronic pains.

The use of aromatic oil blends combined with massage dates back thousands of years.

Hot Stones Massage

A hot stones massage takes place through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. A customized massage is then performed with the use of the hot stones, which offers enhanced benefits due to promoting deeper muscle relaxation and improved circulation.

It can help relieve chronic pain and reduce stress.
The Chinese used heated stones two thousand years ago and it has since been used in civilisations throughout the world.



Reflexology is a very simple non intrusive therapy which can have amazing results.

It is based on a theory practiced in China as far back as 2330 B.C. that different points of your feet known as 'reflexes', appear to directly correspond to areas of your body.

Applying pressure to these reflexes can stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms thereby aiding your body to recover naturally.

I will be able to feel imbalances when pressing the reflex areas therefore your state of health will be reflected in your feet. I will then use experience and sensitivity to decide which reflexes need extra work to bring the systems back into balance.


Reiki Healing (Over Clothes, No Contact)

Reiki, meaning Universal life energy, is a natural healing method which helps to promote deep relaxation.

Reiki works on every level, not just the physical and it is understood to promote the body’s regenerative self healing ability. The healing tradition was founded by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. His dedication to the research of Reiki has evolved and is now practiced by millions of people all over the world

During your treatment you will remain clothed and lie on a massage bed or sit on a chair and simply relax. I will then place my hands non-intrusively, on or near your body. I will scan your body to sense areas of imbalance, and then channel the natural energies around your body to try to  address these imbalances. There is no massage or manipulation and the whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms.

You may or may not feel sensations during a Reiki treatment. Benefits reported by my current clients include deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well being on all levels. A feeling of being refreshed can often be felt for several days.

Reiki practitioners are not trained in diagnosis and so I will not offer any diagnosis or prognosis. If you are concerned about any symptoms you  should see a doctor.

Reiki Healing Massage

With Reiki massage you will gain the benefits from both the massage and the Reiki healing. During the treatment you will receive a full body massage or back neck and shoulders massage using Swedish techniques and you will receive Reiki healing during the massage enhancing deep relaxation mentally and physically.


Holistic Facial with essential oils or Neals Yard Products

A Holistic facial uses natural organic products and has both benefits from the facial Itself and the essential oils infused within the products.

The product I use for the facial with essential oils is Buddha Beauty which is a vegan skincare product, handmade using the finest ingredients. Scented with essential oils and blended using a mix of vegan, organic and natural elements.

The facial with essential oils will begin with a cleanser infused with grapefruit, lavender & frankincense which is then removed with a Jasmin toner. After the deep cleanse I will then use an apple, avocado & aloe facial scrub then followed by Bamboo & Mandarin face mask.
Lastly for an extra treat you will received a relaxing face massage with some hand picked essential oils for an extra boost of loveliness. The facial itself is a relaxing experience and will also leave your skin feeling totally revitalised and refreshed due to the benefits of the essential oils.

If you choose the Neals Yard facial you will receive the treatment using exclusive Neals Yard products - the absolute best you can buy!

All of the skincare products I use are organic and cruelty free meaning it has not been tested on animals. Neal’s yard is certified by Cruelty-Free International and meets the Humane Cosmetics Standard for cosmetics, and personal care. Buddha Beauty is Approved by the Vegan Society, and registered with PETA.



The prices below are my standard prices, for any offers please visit my Facebook page.
If you are interested in a block or multiple bookings please contact me first as I will be able to offer a discount.
I take all bookings through this site and a non-refundable £10 deposit must be paid at the time of booking but please feel free to call me on 
07753222976 to discuss anything at all first.

Massage & Reflexology

Aromatherapy Massage

1 Hour Full Body |

30 min Half Body |

Full Body Massage (No essential oils)

1 Hour |

Hot Stones:

1 Hour Full Body |

30 mins Back Neck and Shoulders |


1 Hour |








Reiki Massage:

1 Hour Full Body |

30 mins Half Body |

Reiki Healing (No contact):

1 Hour |




Holistic Facials

Buddha Beauty Holistic Facial

30 mins |

Neals Yard Hydrating Facial

30 mins |






Kirkby Lonsdale (Weds/Thurs Eve & Sun):
Lunesdale Hall, Bective Road,

Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2BG

St Annes, Near Blackpool (Tues):
3 Richmond Road,Richmond House Holistic Rooms, St Annes, FY8 1PE







Tues: 10am-8pm  (St Annes)

Weds & Thurs: From 6.30pm (Kirkby Lonsdale)

Sun: 11am-6pm (Kirkby Lonsdale)